April 15th, 2016

spring's late arrival

Things in the lab have been busy lately. Firstly, I have a previously unreleased track, Vulpine / Haunting Oneself (For KE), in this month's edition of the Wire Tapper series. Pick up a copy at your local book or music shop.

Meanwhile, I've acted impulsively and released a free digital EP of funereal instrumentals to observe spring's reluctant beginnings. It's called As Nights Breathe, and it's a precursor to Slow Names 4, which will be released this summer by the lovely folks at Ayurvedic Tapes over in Worcester MA.

My dear friends over at The Golden Dome School are working on a fundraiser to help offset the costs of their amazing workshops (at which I've taught sound and silence classes in the past) and make them more accessible to artists who can't afford them. I've contributed a mixtape to their fundraiser, which you can buy for $7.77. Side A is noisy/gothy, side B is low key instrumentals. There are a few of my tracks in there too. :3 You can read more about the fundraiser and the organization in general here.

Finally, I'm playing some shows around town this/next month. 4/16 at Ab Uno Pluribus, 4/24 at Aviv, 5/25 at Trans-Pecos, 5/27 at Spectrum. More details on facebook as events get closer.

Thanks for listening, coming to shows, buying tapes, hanging out. Be in touch!

xoxo Brendan

February 7th, 2016

Well, we aren't getting much of a winter this year, are we? In any case, Caudata is here, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I'll be doing a few shows around the northeast in March — come say hi, hang out, cop a tape, I think you'll like it.

There are a couple more batches of recordings that are just about done taking shape — I expect you'll hear them in spring and summer. Meanwhile, my little Satie track on Soundcloud went viral last month. In case you missed it, here's every recording I could find (about 60 total) of Gymnopedie 1, timestretched to the length of the longest recording (about six minutes):

And then, stretched to half an hour:

All for now. As always, get in touch about any projects you have in mind — or just to say hey.

Take care. -B

December 10th, 2015

Thanks to everyone that's been buying the tapes and 7" this year. I've been working up a live set of some recent material with Nori Kikuta on second guitar, and that's been going really well. Currently booking an east coast tour for late winter, plus a west coast tour for mid-spring. More on that as it shapes up.

I'm in the final mixing stages of a new set of studio pieces. I think the tape will be called Caudata. It feels like a new personal best, and I can't wait to share it.

Slow Names 4 is also just about done, this time all acoustic pieces with studio treatments, an unusually coherent whole for the series.

Looking forward to the cold weather (I'm a winter person) and seeing what music comes with it.

take care,