A Typically  Scattershot Autumn Missive

October 21st, 2018

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. I spent this year’s autumn equinox playing my first set of pop songs at the Weirdwick festival here in Brooklyn (run by the inimitable David Drucker AKA Painted Faces). I’ve been hard at work on this album of songs that I expect will be out early next year, and I’m SUPER excited for you to hear them. But that’s not what this update is about.

First, I’ll be playing a couple shows around town in the next few weeks. Come out and say hi if you can.

Second, I’ve got a couple tapes coming out in November – both collaborations with a couple of my very favorite musicians, both different in sound and sentiment. Check these out if you have a moment, I think you’ll dig at least one of them.

Reading A Moment’s Dust is the fourth installment in the Else series, an annual recording series that draws from new age and dark ambient music. This one was recorded in Littlefield, Texas with Andrew Weathers, a master of his own unique fingerstyle-guitar-meets-new-age musical vocabulary and one of the most serious DIY practitioners I know.

The music starts off busy but then yawns into West Texas emptiness, nothing but horizon in all directions, an hour and a half of pure dusk.

You can hear the first track and pre-order the tape on bandcamp.

Steve / Steve is the second installment in the H.E.X. series of 20-minute collab tapes. This one features David Grollman, a total lifer of genuinely extreme, feral music who needs no introduction if you’re familiar with East Coast improv and outsider music. He appears here in top, top form. Side A is a lively instrumental jaunt – balloons, PVC pipe, sheet metal, drum machines, you get the idea. Side B features David interpreting stories from old issues of Straight To Hell magazine, with accompaniment from yours truly. Definitely the most obscene music I’ve worked on by a mile. Chef kissy fingers 100%.

You can hear the first track and pre-order the tape on bandcamp.

Thanks for reading this far. As always, be in touch with any project ideas or just to say hi. Otherwise, see you on the road. <3

(Lastly, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but me and my girlfriend’s cats are on instagram as veryextremelygoodcats, and I’m quite sure they would appreciate the attention if you wanted to follow them. Just a heads up.)

DIY or die / fuck the fascists. Keep polishing the mirror everyone.