I Have Lost Silence (Slow Names 7)

December 9th, 2018

I Have Lost Silence (Slow Names 7)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. <3 I'm writing to let you know thatI have a new release out today. It's called I Have Lost Silence, and it’s the seventh entry in the Slow Names series.

I’ve been thinking about new age / drone music recently, and I’ve realized that within those styles, I gravitate towards things that sound like a person, in a room, playing something. Doesn’t have to be an instrument (and there’s plenty of great machine music out there too), I just like the sound of hands moving with intention.

To that end, I Have Lost Silence is a 40 minute piece for solo baritone guitar – one take, no loops, no overdubs. Basically it’s me playing as little as possible, for as long as possible. RIYL the sound of nothing, in every direction, forever.

Something different this time: I’m starting a subscription service on bandcamp, and this one is my first subscriber-only release. $3 a month gets you downloads of all past and future releases. The main thing, though, is that you’ll get a steady stream of subscriber-only releases.

Going forward, this is where I’ll be putting noise tapes, new age doom suites, instrumental compositions, you know, all that stuff. It’s a space to stretch out and work up ideas – music that consumes itself, or that almost doesn’t exist, or that twists around itself until it throws itself up.

It’s also a good time to mention that internet-gentrifiers like Spotify do not pay artists ($0.0072 per stream – that is to say, nothing at all). Here’s a good, quick thread on the numbers there, and why these corporations are so fucked. But! There’s hope. Supporting musicians directly cuts out the shitty suits in the middle, and helps create a culture where music can start to exist again in a sustainable way – where musicians can again feel like their work is worth something. Cool, right?

Anyway. For all those reasons, I’m doing this subscription thing for three bucks a month. Maybe see you there?

Thanks for reading this far. By the way, if you’re in NY on Friday 12/14, come out to Skinny Apartment (ask me for the address) and see me play the new songs. I’m sharing a bill with Nighttime, Meaner Pencil, and Canyon River Blues – all fabulous acts, seriously, really.

Thanks again for reading and listening.

take care,