spring goings-on

May 8th, 2018

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. It’s been a busy winter here, and I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now.

As 2018 got underway, I put the finishing touches on a new record of grindcore tunes called Nothing is What You Deserve. It’s twenty one tracks of blistering thrash clocking in at about three and a half minutes – gone before it arrives. On the B side is a Nine Inch Nails cover. I think you’ll like it. My girlfriend says it’s her favorite release of mine. The Wire said, “Landis always has some tricks up his sleeve, and generally they’re pretty damn fine. This one is no exception.” How lovely. <3

There are still a few (eight) 7″ lathe records left as well as a few (three) tapes, which you can get from Bandcamp. Otherwise you can stream it on Tidal or Spotify. (Apple doesn’t like short songs, lame-o’s.)

Also, my friend Matt Sanchez put together my first music video! I’ve loved his style for years now and have been looking forward to working together. It turned out beautifully. Watch me jump around and scream for a minute and a half (four songs).

Meanwhile, Petra and I are now settling back in after a trip to Texas to visit the Full Spectrum crew and enjoy a minute away from New York. Andrew Weathers and I recorded material for the latest entry in the Else series (I think it’ll be called Reading a Moment’s Dust), plus a new Tethers record. (Our last one, It Bows By Day, came out in January. I’m out of copies but you can still grip the tape from the fabulous folks at Lurker Bias.)

Lastly, I’ve started a new collaboration series called H.E.X. Home-dubbed editions of ten hand-packaged cassettes. The first one is sold out, but you can still hear it on Bandcamp. Big Hiatus – Towards It. (That’s me + David Drucker AKA Painted Faces – top-notch Florida freak band now parked in Queens.) Stay tuned for the second installment, this time with the inimitable and often-performatively-nude David Grollman (Wee Space Tapes) – by far the most obscene recording I’ve ever published, no question.

Whew! Thanks for reading and thanks for listening. As always, be in touch with any project ideas or thoughts on dismantling capitalism / patriarchy / white supremacy. Or just to hang out. I’m quite a hermit and don’t get out as much as I should, you know?

take care,