oh great, here comes another interminable missive from hey exit hq

November 13th, 2017

Hi all. It’s been a minute. Hope you’re all surviving ok this past year. It’s been a wild one in America. It’s been easy to feel like we’re grasping at straws for hope and meaning in between calling our reps, showing up to our jobs, and heading out to protests. It’s been wild, but I’m glad we’re still here and doing our thing — helping, sharing stories, listening.

Meanwhile, I’ve been on a heavy studio kick this year. There’s a lot that’s still simmering, but I have a couple new tapes to share with you guys.

The Inhale EP is an collection of songs from seven inch records and compilations over the past couple years. It goes between hazey shoegaze and sludgey harsh feels. I think you’ll dig it. (I also mixed and mastered everything a little different from the original releases.)

You can cop the tape / download on Bandcamp, or listen on Tidal / Spotify / iTunes Apple Whatever.

Then, Which Ones Will Be Restored (Slow Names 6) is a collection of three longform pieces for guitar and synth. About sixty minutes of oceanic ambient music, recorded over the summer.

You can cop the tape / download on Bandcamp.

I’ll also be playing a few shows around New York before the year is up. Come say hi if you can! We should really hang out and catch up.

All for now, but plenty in the works. As always, get in touch with ideas for projects, shows, or to catch up and have a beer, or whatever.

take care,